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Music. It inspires and provokes, calms and soothes, and touches us in ways that defy description. It taps into our emotions and sets the right mood for the everyday moments and special occasions that make life meaningful. It brings people together with the universally understood language of song and has the power to start a movement — or at least a dance party. Without it, every sound would just be noise. In short, music is the soundtrack of our lives.

What We Offer keeps the music going by recommending bands and artists similar to the bands and artists you already like and listen to. Our recommendations don’t just scratch the surface; they delve into the specific sound created by each musical artist at the center of our comparisons. We also explore the general background, musical history, genres, and creative influences of the artists and bands featured on our website. Then, we highlight other artists and bands that share a similar sound or musical style.

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By making comparisons based on genre, sound, and musical influences, delivers thoughtfully researched recommendations that clearly establish the similarities between bands and artists who you might not have thought of otherwise. In other words, instead of just blindly suggesting artists and bands you may or may not be interested in, we take the time to explain why we think you’ll like them. Just think of us as your very own personal assistant for music.