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Who Sounds like A Day to Remember?

A band that defies categorization, A Day to Remember earned the attention of music fans by blending the seemingly mismatched sounds of metalcore and pop-punk genres. Formed by former guitarist Tom Denney and former drummer Bobby Scruggs, the band spent two years playing in each other’s garages and racking up over 200 local performances for experience.

While they’ve never had a defining, breakthrough moment of fame, the bandmates remain grateful for their gradual climb to worldwide recognition. Lead vocalist Jeremy McKinnon said in an interview with Rolling Stone, “That’s why we’ve been able to sustain things; nothing ever came too fast or too quick. Growing slowly over the course of 10 years gave us the time to grow up.”

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Given their unique, genre-mixing discography, A Day to Remember cites archetypal acts from many musical categories as inspiration for their own sound. The music produced by the band is similar to that of legends from the metal genre, like Slayer and Metallica; several 80s and 90s seminal punk bands such as Bad Religion and NOFX; and classic pop-punk acts, like blink-182, Green Day, and New Found Glory.

Artists like A Day to Remember share a common thread with the group based on experiments in genre-crossing and DIY-attitudes about producing music. Popular acts that sound like A Day to Remember include:

  • Silverstein
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Bring Me the Horizon
  • Pierce the Veil
  • We Came as Romans

Other well-liked bands that bump musical elbows with A Day to Remember include The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, Chiodos, and Rise Against. Each of these groups hails from the sounds of post-hardcore, emo, metalcore, and pop-punk music.

The utilization of upbeat tempos, frequent key changes, heavy bass and guitar riffs, and thoughtful lyrics that explore romantic relationships (usually failures in love and connection), along with individuality, defiance, and stream of consciousness all help define the cross-section of bands like A Day to Remember.


A Day to Remember is comprised of vocalist Jeremy McKinnon, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Neil Westfall, bassist Joshua Woodard, percussionist and drummer Alex Shelnutt, and lead guitarist Kevin Skaff. The band was founded in Ocala, FL, in 2003. Though the original members who formed the group are no longer playing with A Day to Remember, both parted ways on good terms. In fact, Tom Denney, Skaff’s predecessor, is still involved in the band’s writing process.


During the years between their formation and the release of their first studio album, A Day to Remember played hundreds of local performances in an attempt to spread their sound and make a name for the band. They distributed a self-released EP at these shows, which eventually led to their record deal with a small label in 2005. Less than three months after being signed, the band released their debut album, And Their Name Was Treason.

Between the recording of their first and second albums, A Day to Remember signed with a larger label, Victory Records, and lost their original drummer. After For Those Who Have Heart was released, the band embarked on an extensive tour schedule in the United States and the UK, which included performing as openers for Silverstein as well as participating in the 2008 Vans Warped Tour.

Toward the beginning of 2009, A Day to Remember released their third full-length album, Homesick. Following the release, the band toured around the world, but before their U.S. tour began in March 2009, Tom Denny broke his wrist and was replaced with Kevin Skaff.

Before the release of their fourth record, What Separates Me from You, A Day to Remember contributed to the compilation of covers Punk Goes Pop 2, for which they recorded a metalcore version of The Fray’s “Over My Head (Cable Car).” After the release of What Separates Me from You, the band pressed charges against Victory Records regarding owed royalties and the band’s desire to start their own label.

Mere days before the scheduled issuing of their most recent album to date, Common Courtesy, the group won the right to self-release on their label ADTR Records. However, there were stipulations, and A Day to Remember is contractually obligated to release two more albums with Victory.


A Day to Remember produces music distinctive in its amalgamation of pop, punk, and metalcore genres. The group particularly focuses on the juxtaposition of poppy, beat-driven, clearly sung choruses with heavier-handed guitar and bass paired with metalcore vocals during verses. Vocal techniques such as screaming, the death growl, whispered crooning, and maniacal yelping are all indicative of the metalcore and post-hardcore genres and are frequently heard throughout the discography and songs of A Day to Remember.


  • And Their Name Was Treason (2005) – Debut album sold over 8,000 copies almost exclusively by word of mouth
  • For Those Who Have Heart (2007) – Peaked at number 17 on Billboard music charts; a re-release of the album featured the band’s unique cover of Kelly Clarkson’s single “Since U Been Gone”
  • Homesick (2009) – Sold 200,000 copies within one month of release and gained the number one spot on the Top Independent Albums chart
  • What Separates Me from You (2010) – Rose to number 11 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart and featured notable singles like “All I Want” and “Better Off This Way”
  • Common Courtesy (2013) – Released on the band’s own record label and features popular single “Right Back at it Again”

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